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      Company profile

      Chailease International Finance Co., Ltd., founded in 2005 with headquarter in Shanghai,.By virtue of 46 years of technical experience of parent company, it realizes rapid expansion and has 59 marketing networks and 8 professional financial service departments at present. Three subsidiaries of CIFC, Chailease International Trading (Shanghai) Co., LTD and Tianjin Chailease International Finance Co., chailease international commercial factoring Co. Ltd now have business spread all over the country. Over the 18 years after establishment, it has made a positive contribution for promoting the industry development with cumulative business putted into circulation has exceeded 230 billion yuan as well as service for more than sixty thousand firms.

      Since establishment, the company has, with the support of relevant government departments, brought the convenient and efficient features of financial leasing into full play and provided equipment finance service which involved in all walks of life.

      With the support of relevant government departments, CIFC brings into full play the convenient and high-efficiency financial leasing and provides equipment finance service which involve in all walks of life.

      Relying on the parent company's outstanding international reputation, abundant capital strength as well as information advantage of globalization, CIFC becomes an important partner of small and medium-sized enterprise by providing systematic, all-round and one-stop financial services to its customers.


      Nantong Nan,Suzhou Bei Dong,Zhenzhou Bei


      Fuzhou Nan,Wuhan Dong,Wuxi Bei,Qingdao Dong


      Hangzhou Nan,Ningbo Bei,Jinghua Bei,Shenzhen Dong


      Chongqing Bei, Nanjing Xi and Tianjin Bei


      Baoding , Jiaxing , Nanning , Ningbo Xi , Shenyang Bei and micro enterprise financial business department


      Suzhou Zhong, Guangzhou Nan, Shanghai Dong and Beijing Dong


      Dongguan , Taizhou , Suzhou Bei


      Yangzhou , Nantong , Quanzhou , Shanghai Shibei


      Kunshan, Xuzhou, Jinhua, Nanchang and Xi 'an


      Wuxi, Dalian, Shijiazhuang and Hefei


      Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Changsha and Ji'nan and construction and transportation business department


      Chengdu, Wenzhou, Nanjing, Zhongshan and Fuzhou


      Wuhan, Shenyang and Guangzhou,and Tianjin Chailease International Finance Co., Ltd. in Tianjin


      Qingdao and Chongqing




      Xiamen ,Ningbo, Tianjin, and Chailease International Trading (Shanghai) Co., LTD in Shanghai




      Shanghai and Shenzhen

      Holding company

      Chailease Holding Co., Ltd. is originated from China Leasing Co., Ltd which founded in 1977 in Taiwan and provides asset-based diversified financing services.Chailease Holding Co., Ltd. serves attentively and well received by clients through its focused attitude and professional services over 46 years by intensive cultivation of Taiwan market. Service stations of finance and financing department have spread all over Taiwan; it satisfies necessary of customer and enhances customer satisfaction via implementation of diversification strategy as well as continuous investment towards new product development and market expansion.

      Keeping up with the trend of the world economy and trade, internationalization would serve as the main business strategy of Chailease Financing Co., Ltd. It has strongpoints in America, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia etc. for operating overseas business and obtained the first wholly foreign-owned leasing company certificate in Mainland China and thus founded Chailease International Finance Co., Ltd.

      Successfully listed in Taiwan stock exchange in December 13, 2011 with stock code of 5871 and abbreviation of F- Chailease, which made it the first financing company listed in Taiwan.Looking ahead, Chailease Holding Co., Ltd. would, adhering to the enterprise spirit of “Service with Passion” as well as enthusiasm-based, continuously improve service quality and efficiency and focus on profession and innovative service. Through continuously mining of Taiwan market and actively expanding of overseas markets, it shall present the faith of “Uninterrupted supply, incessantly cycle” and “Deep expansion and sustainable operation” just as the idea of corporate logo.

      Leader's speech

      Gu Zhongli


      For sustainable operation, I keep thinking about the future of the enterprise, such as how to grasp the opportunities, drive the development, give play to the characteristics, create value, and lay out diversified businesses and business opportunities for different markets. As the biggest supporter of our company, I have wholeheartedly set an example for the staff in every second with firm confidence to support everyone.

      After years of hardworking, the teamwork and concerted efforts of all the staff have led to the great success of our company, the accomplishment of goals, and the completion of missions while the energy for constant growth lies in innovative thinking, value creation, vision broadening, continuous improvement, and the pursuit of excellence of everybody, who is brave to pick up the challenge and implement the decisions.

      Facing the era with rapid changes and challenges, we must take our own responsibilities, perform our own duties, work together, and be united to achieve our goals with new ideas and new strategies, and adapt an innovative way. Only in this way can we surpass the past and the present. What's more, we need to concentrate our efforts, speed up development, deploy business in regions, eyes on the world to master international trends, and hence outperform rivals in the fierce competition.

      Discipline urges colleagues to abide by the code of conduct, comply with rules, perform work, take responsibility, ensure quality and achieve goals. Discipline is the corporate culture, leading the team to march forward with the same pace to the same direction. Discipline guides the company towards the vision of excellence. Only with discipline can we win. I hope to create a better golden decade with you!

      Chen Fenglong


      Establish the enduring risk management technology advantage and actively create new products and new markets as well as realize rapid increase of assets taking advantage of merger and acquisitions and pursuit of excellence performance based on high productivity and quality through continuously improving the process and seeking change and innovation.

      Chen Kunming

      General Manager

      Construct barrier-free communication environment and build up efficient business team.

      Committed to develop all-round target market based on the core of satisfying customer demand with profession and innovation and wish to become the pioneer marching towards a world class company.

      Corporate culture


      Become excellent capital finance company in Asia


      Partner of customer success, Promoter of economic development


      service with passion


      Value Innovation  Mutual Benefit

      Provide added value in satisfying customer demand with forward thinking, flexible service and efficient operation.

      Respond to threats and opportunities quickly with swift acting.


      Lifelong Learning; Sustainable Operation

      Create the biggest welfare for customers, employees, and shareholders

      Focus on core competence and manage risk skillfully

      Create learning environment and promote the employees’ personal growth


      Trust and Respect·Enthusiasm and Devotion

      Reliant and respected enterprise culture,Communicative and co-operative teamwork

      Enthusiastic service attitude


      Bold in Responsibility·Effective implementation

      Continuously self-discipline while adhering to attempt of exceeding goals

      Often try hard to change due to dissatisfaction with existing circumstances and thus actively promote the efficiency and quality.

      Maintain high standard of virtue and follow strictly.

      Product application


      Product application

      Product application

      Focus on serving SMEs


      Thank you for your application,
      Our staff will contact you within 24h!


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