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      Vehicle rental

      Auto financial leasing business department (“Auto-leasing department” for short) is specialized in automobile financial service and provides professional and high-quality automobile financial service for clients having vehicle financing intention.


      Mechanical manufacturing industry:Financial service industry

      Food & Beverage manufacturing industry:Wholesale and retail industry

      Service and transportation industry:Automobile leasing industry etc.

      Business patterns

      Third-party Direct Leasing

      replace buying with leasing, list tag of Chailease, operating lease/financial lease.

      Third-party lease-back

      replace buying with leasing, list tag of clients, manage vehicle mortgage, financial lease.

      Case show


      A well-known heavy machinery company in Fujian is one modern machinery company integrated with research and development, production, sale and service. Due to development demand, it needed to set branch in Shanghai and would like to purchase 6 high-grade service cars and 2 VIP cars, of which the total budget is 3.4 million yuan. However, because the fixed asset purchase budget for the branch then was tight, they’re considering of changing the premium car into cheaper ones and deferring of the procurement of VIP cars, but worried about that this would affect the company's image and hence influence sales performance as well.


      After consulting with Chailease International, they chose to adopt replacing buying with leasing and thus only needed to pay the down payment first before monthly mortgage while the Chailease assisted them to purchase six high-grade service cars and 2 VIP cars. The company quickly possessed of the vehicle and grew rapidly as well as received customers’ highly respect by appropriately allocating cars for welcoming distinguished guests.

      Product application

      Focus on serving SMEs

      Product application


      Product application

      Product application

      Focus on serving SMEs


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