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      Health care

      Chailease medical team is established in July 2015 and committed to serve the all kinds of medical institutions, varieties of equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical circulation enterprises etc.


      Aesthetic medicine organization:All kinds of government and non-government medical institutions;

      Independent medical center:Medical device manufacturers and circulation enterprise;

      Medical related manufacturers:Pharmaceutical manufacturers and circulation enterprise;

      Other health care enterprises:

      Business patterns

      Equipment direct financial leasing

      Cooperated with specific requirements of the lessee, Chailease International supplier purchases machine equipment and then rents to the lessee; in this way, the lessee could obtain the right to use the equipment with no need to pay all the loans in advance and thus get profit rapidly. All redemptory fixed assets, no matter purchased from domestic or foreign countries, can serve as subject matter for leasing.


      The lessee sells their own equipment to Chailease International with sound value and sign lease contract with the latter, later leaseback the right to use the equipment. During sales and leaseback, original owner of the asset, on the premise of reserving the right to use assets, shall convert the fixed assets into monetary capital so as to meet the financing requirements.

      Entrust Loan

      Chailease International supplies legal capital to intrust bank, which would carry out the loan transaction as granting of loans as an agent, supervise over the use as well as assist to recover according to the loan customer, purpose, amount, term, and interest rates identified by Chailease International.

      Case show


      A county level public medical institution in Hunan province needed to increase two sets of computer tomography equipment because of scale expansion. It is expected that the capital for working procedure would be 4 million yuan, but on account of fund shortage, it was badly in need of external funding for completing equipment procurement.


      This institution cooperated with Chailease Medical through finance leasing and then finished the procurement for two sets of computer tomography equipment. This helped to alleviate the real-time financial pressure as well as got the equipment required for the development.


      This institution’ scale expansion achieved good results and the new equipment created income for them steadily.

      Product application

      Focus on serving SMEs

      Product application


      Product application

      Product application

      Focus on serving SMEs


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