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      Fishery finance

      Relying on the parent company’s deep industry experience as well as rich resources reserves, fishery finance department, applied with the innovation model combined with industry and finance.


      Aquaculture:Freshwater aquaculture, mariculture, shallow sea culture including fish culture, shellfish culture, shrimp culture and crayfish culture as well.

      Aquatic product processing and marketing:Aquatic frozen product processing, aquatic product drying processing, aquatic products salted and smoked product processing as well as aquatic canned product processing;

      Fishing industry and related supplies:Refueling, maintenance, net making and fishing gear etc.

      Warehouse logistics:Frozen product warehousing and cold-chain logistics etc.

      Business patterns

      Direct financing lease

      New equipment purchase financing refers to Chailease purchases equipment from the supplier and then lease them to the lessee. This would solve the fund demand for purchasing of farming equipment. Financing maturity is 1-5 years at usual time; besides, the installment repayment could help to save capital use cost to the largest extent and thus avoid the financial risk of applying short term loan for long term use.


      Sale and leaseback of the existing assets helps to activate the existing equipment assets and supplementing of circulating fund; what’s more, it solves the temporary, seasonal and project fund demand for enterprise of aquaculture production and construction, upgrading and reconstruction as well as capital expenditure expansion etc.


      According to the choice of the customer, Chailease will purchase the raw material from the material supplier and sell it to the customer, then the customer will pay the payment in installments.

      Case show

      An aquaculture enterprises in Zhoushan, Zhejiang

      Background: The customer had operated aquaculture for ten years and had extensive experience in fish culture. Due to operation needs, it required to expand farming site and purchase of new equipment, which led to the fund shortage within a period of time and affected the enterprise’s daily operation as well as project construction schedule. The customer needed working capital of about 5 million.

      Solution: Based on the enterprise’s operational characteristics, Chailease, through deep analysis of the enterprise investment, fish culture as well as payback periods of product processing, designed a personalized reimbursement scheme, which fully matched with enterprises' cash flow and greatly alleviate the pressure for the enterprise capital turnover;

      Result: Through cooperation with Chailease, this enterprise achieved the enlargement of farming scale with new equipment direct leasing mode. At present, the farm operates well; with steadily increasing volume of business, it successfully expanded its target market shares.

      Product application

      Focus on serving SMEs

      Product application


      Product application

      Product application

      Focus on serving SMEs


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